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Department of Defense to Unveil its National Defense Strategy Next Week

According to Defense News, Department of Defense will unveil its National Defense Strategy on Jan. 19.

Speaking to reporters at the Pentagon, Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis said a significant part of the strategy will remain classified, but promised to make at least part of the document open to the public.

“There will be a classified one that is relatively thick; there will be a shorter one that will basically lay it out unclassified, and we’ll get those copies to you,” Mattis said.

The National Defense Strategy is the second in a series of major reviews coming from the Trump administration, following quickly on the heels of its National Security Strategy, released December 18. While the National Security Strategy spoke in broad terms, the National Defense Strategy represents a chance for the Pentagon to get into specifics about its role and vision for the future.

Following the National Defense Strategy, the Pentagon will also unveil the Ballistic Missile Defense Review and Nuclear Posture Reviews in February.

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