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Brollachan, LLC

Who We Are

Brollachan, LLC is a national security firm dedicated to the ethical promotion of American national security through education, thought leadership, and investment.  Brollachan, LLC is committed to being a positive force for American national security, as well as in other aspects of the public interest, including social, environmental and economic impacts.

We work to improve the efficacy and accountability of the U.S. national security establishment through education and thought leadership, and invest in technologies that will improve the American competitive advantage, all while maintaining mindful consideration of the possible externalities of those activities in social, environmental and economic areas.  

Some of Our Projects

National Security Strategy Archive

The National Security Strategy Archive (NSSA), a project of Brollachan, is devoted to the promotion of the national security of the United States of America through unbiased education and dissemination of research and information. NSSA provides access to public documents on national security strategy, including but not limited to the National Security Strategy Reports produced in compliance with the Goldwater-Nichols Act, related official documents, third-party research, and public commentary. Additionally, NSSA seeks to promote strategic thought and policy-making by providing examples of strategic plans, academic papers, and criticism.

The Irregular Warrior Blog

The Irregular Warrior is a blog focused on irregular warfare, in all of its manifestations. Since the Napoleonic era, approximately 80% of all conflicts have involved irregular actors, and as communications technology advances, creating greater ability for non-state actors to organize for action, it is reasonable to expect even more conflicts to involve non-state actors. The Irregular Warrior investigates this domain through comprehensive analysis of the history of conflict, standing military doctrine and emerging concepts.

Our Commitment to the Public Interest

Profit should not be the sole motivator of any enterprise. That is why Brollachan is committed to being a positive force for American national security, as well as other aspects of the public interest.

To that end, we are committing to meet explicit goals to ensure that our services reflect our values, starting with those listed below. Meeting these goals is merely the beginning of the road, but we believe that these steps will set a firm foundation upon which we can build a truly ethical enterprise.

Goal 1: Transparent Financials — October 2020

We understand that where a company’s money comes from influences its actions. Since we are committed to ethical, unbiassed and comprehensive analysis of national security issues, we intend to be as transparent in our funding and expenditures as possible. That starts with being fully audible by October 1, 2020.

Goal 2: Comprehensive Mission Statement — December 2020

In order to be transparent about our mission, goals, and values, we will develop and publish a formal and comprehensive statement of values to which we commit ourselves, including specific positive social, environmental and economic impacts we intend to achieve.

Goal 3: Mission Lock — June 2021

In order to legally ensure that social and environmental performance is part of our decision-making architecture over time, we intend to sign a contract or board resolution committing to adopting a legal form that requires consideration of all stakeholders, such as a signed B Corp Agreement.

Goal 4: Adopting Key Performance Indicators — September 2021

To be ethical, you must act ethical. To that end, we commit to tracking key performance indicators tied to the social, environmental, and economic impacts we identified in our comprehensive mission statement (Goal 2).

Goal 5: Governance Structure — June 2022

To ensure proper oversight, we will appoint a board of advisors with at least one member who is not an executive or owner of the firm to act as the highest level of corporate oversight.

Meeting the Standard

Brollachan self-assesses its practices using B Corporation standards promulgated by Lab B. As we grow through this process, we intend to achieve B Corporation certification and to eventually incorporate as a Public Benefit Corporation to evidence our commitment to ethical leadership in national security and to lock in that promise for the future.

B Impact Report

We’ll admit, we have a long way to go…

…but we’re just getting started. We’re excited about where this process can take us, and have every expectation that we can achieve a score of 80 (the benchmark for certification) by the end of next fiscal year.